With a background in Tantra, Scott and Ash have always been open to exploring their sexuality. It was through this exploration that they found BDSM. They Loved tantra and they also loved kink. As a result of combining these two modalities Sensual kink was born!!!


To us, Tantra and Kink are are two different faces from the same world. Both of them being about depth and connection, resulting in ecstatic states and altered consciousness. They are both about a deep exploration of ourselves and our sexuality. In the world that we live in unfortunately due to the porn industry’s influence, we generally think of sex as nothing more than a physical expression of our genitals with an end goal of orgasm. No depth, not a lot of connection, rather superficial and in return results to a society who struggles to truly, deeply connect with one another.


Why BDSM and Tantra work so well together is that, Tantra awakens your energetic body, moving sexual energy allowing you to feel more ecstasy than you ever knew was possible. So what happens when you add in BDSM to this already ecstatic experience? It will elevate your already heightened senses to a completely new extreme, taking you to a place which can be referred to as sub space, a “natural high” or endorphin rush that a sub can get during an experience.  Having to completely let go of control….The ultimate surrender.


The practice we have decided on, to marry these two together is called Bondassage. Click on our sessions page to find out more.